The best Spider-Man games on Nintendo and mobile 2023


Can we all agree that many superhero titles benefit from the inclusion of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man? Of course, we can. The web-slinger brings the fun with his badassery and charming humour. As such, I can’t help but ask one vital question, what are the best Spider-Man games on Switch and mobile? Yes, Nintendo and smartphones, that means I’m unable to include the two greatest Spidey games of all time, but as Uncle Ben says, “it comes out perfect every time.” Wait, that’s the wrong Uncle Ben.

If a man in a blue and red spandex suit isn’t your thing and you prefer some grit, perhaps you should check out our Batman games list to see what the caped crusader is up to these days. We also have lists of the best DC games and best Marvel games because, you know, a hero never sleeps.

Anyway, onto the best Spider-Man games on mobile and Switch.

Spider-Man games - Marvel Future Revolution key art

Marvel Future Revolution

Spider-Man is one of the original Marvel Future Revolution characters and he also happens to be one of the best for both PvE and PvP, a status he continues to hold since day one. Sure, you get to play as some other heroes, but as each has their own story before coming together to kick some ass, it’s only right to draw attention to Spidey, as his narrative is one of the better ones on offer. Plus, he has some amazing outfits – this web-slinger is ready to swing into Milan Fashion Week.

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Spider-Man 2

Oh bugger it, how can I not mention Spider-Man 2, arguably the best Spidey game out there, speaking from a place of nostalgia, at least. Plus, Spider-Man 2 is on the PSP, and we have a best PSP games list, so while not strictly within the parameters of this guide, my logic tracks enough to support this inclusion.

In Spider-Man 2, not only do you get to experience the plot points of the movie, but embark on side stories that include the likes of Black Cat and Mysterio. Furthermore, this is the first time that you get to really explore Manhattan as you swing through the streets and run across the rooftops, it’s a fun time, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Spider-Man games - key art for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

While Spider-Man doesn’t feature in the game’s title, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 wouldn’t exist without him, as the web-slinger is one of the most important protagonists in the series. He also happens to be the funniest character to take charge of in this Switch title. If you want to see what it’s like to be Spider-Man outside the streets of Manhattan, you can’t do much better than Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

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Marvel Future Fight

In Marvel Future Fight, you need to assemble a team of heroes to save the world, one of which is Spidey. Given the story on offer and the fun combat that the game provides, Marvel Future Fight is one of the best titles in which you can play as Spider-Man on mobile devices.

Spider-Man games - key art for Lego Marvel Superhero 2

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

The charm and humour of the Marvel universe fits perfectly into the world of Lego, as evidenced by Lego Marvel Superheroes 2. Of course, it’s not just Spider-Man that you get to play as, but he’s there, swinging around, kicking butt, and being a blocky charmer. Plus, the story and combat in this gem make it worth a try, the fact that you can pair up Spider-Man with his archenemies is just a bonus.

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Marvel Contest of Champions

MCoC is one of the best fighting games on mobile and is arguably the best offering when it comes to Marvel games on the platform. There are various versions of Spider-Man on offer in this game, including the likes of Spider-Man 2099 (my favourite iteration of the iconic hero) and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from No Way Home. While there’s a story to experience, it’s all about the combat, and it’s something Kabam does well. So get out there and have your dream Spider-Man matchups.

Spider-Man games - key art for Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Well, if we continue my string of outside-the-box thinking, I can mention my personal favourite Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (okay, it’s top three). Wait, before you cry out that I’ve finally crossed the line, I can’t talk about Marvel’s Spider-Man here. I can’t even come up with some wacky logic to justify it, so this DS game makes up for it in my little brain.

The reason this is a personal favourite of mine is that you can entice Spidey over to the dark side, and let’s face it, the bad guys have so much more fun. Seriously though, being able to dictate Spider-Man’s path like this is a treat, and I hope to see someone tackle the concept again in the future.

Oh, and please check out our guide to the best DS games. That piece of work is the reason I can justify the inclusion of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

There you have it, the best Spider-Man games, excluding the incredible Marvel’s Spider-Man from PS4 and PS5. If you’re after some terrifying hero work, why not swing by our lists of the best horror games and FNAF games?

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