CrazyLabs achieves six billion downloads in six million years of play!


CrazyLabs is proud to have engaged hundreds of millions of people globally through its games and achieved a monumental feat of six billion downloads spanning over six million play years. This places CrazyLabs as one of the top three mobile gaming companies.

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Some of CrazyLabs most popular games include:

The company’s most recent hits include: Dessert DIY, Mystical Mixing, Makeup Kit, as well as Drawing Carnival, DIY Paper Doll, Lunch Box Ready and The President (all of which were developed at the hypercasual gaming accelerator, CrazyHubs).

Pushing the boundaries of innovation is the driving force behind CrazyLabs. The company sees great benefit in generative AI and has started using it for art, sound, and ideation of new games.

“We’re proud to have hit such an incredible milestone that places us within the top three mobile gaming publishers in the entire industry. Thanks to our laser focus on innovation, an agile team that keeps evolving in the changing market, and our talented partner developers, we were able to reach this achievement across our portfolio,” said Guy Tomer, COO of the Hyper Lab.

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