Nintendo Live 2023 heads to Seattle for an “all-ages celebration”


Nintendo Live 2023 is a new in-person event coming to Seattle in September. Nintendo of America announced the event, saying it’s “for fans of all ages” to experience “Nintendo Switch gameplay, live stage performances, tournaments, photo ops, and more.”

There’s not too much more information, but Nintendo has said to keep an eye on the website made for the event for more details in the future. The site invites fans to “share the excitement of playing games together, enjoying live stage performances, and more across a large-scale themed area.”

In terms of games, you can “play familiar favorites at your own pace, jump into friendly competitions together, or try something new to you.” Meanwhile, the live stage will feature competitions and performances, characters and sculptures offer photo opportunities, and tournaments will be a place for “high-level play.”

You can check out Nintendo’s most recent Splatoon 3 competition if you’re the type who fancies some high-level play.

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