Mighty Doom tier list


Get ready to slay! Mighty Doom brings bite-sized action to mobile devices, perfectly distilling so much of what makes the Doom series so fun. If you’re getting ready to destroy those demons or need a bit of guidance, our Mighty Doom tier list is here to help. Learn which weapons are the best to rip and tear with our full guide.

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Let’s dive into our Mighty Doom tier list.

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Mighty Doom weapon tier list

Tier Gun
SSuper Shotgun, Plasma Rifle, BFG 9000, Unmaker, Gauss Cannon
ARocket Launcher, Combat Shotgun, Crucible, Ballista 
BBurst Rifle, Heavy Cannon, Chain Gun, Frag Grenade, Acid Spit 
CFlame Belch, Ice Bomb, Arc Grenade

That’s all we have for our Mighty Doom tier list for now, folks, and we hope it helps. For even more great content, be sure to check out our articles on Fortnite memes and Fortnite Lego next.

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