Mobile games saw $1.6bn a week in player-spending in Q1 2023


Mobile games’ player spending increased versus pre-pandemic levels in Q1 of 2023, with $1.6 billion spent per week, according to the latest figures from That’s not all mobile fans manage in a week, however, with 1.2 billion titles downloaded per week globally.

As expected, the US and Asia lead global player spending, with the US, South Korea, and Japan contributing most on Google Play, and the US, China, and Japan on iOS. Continuing that comparison, Google Play received the most downloads with 29.2 billion, while iOS got the most money, with $21.8 billion spent – all in Q1 2023.

The ever-growing mobile landscape, however, still has its tried and true classics milling about. For Q1 2023, the overall leader in consumer spend was Tencent’s mobile MOBA Honor of Kings and the leader for monthly active users was Roblox, while Subway Surfers became the most downloaded game in 2023 so far.

You can check out’s graphs detailing the mobile game player-spending trends in Q1 2023 below.

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