Grab a bath bob-omb with the Super Mario x Lush collaboration


As we slowly but surely reach the Super Mario Bros Movie release date, the merchandise is reaching a fever pitch. After Mcdonalds’ toys, Pop-Up Mario, and a Uniqlo t-shirt line, the most recent product line is possibly the best smelling yet. Nintendo and the luxury soap company Lush are teaming up for an exciting Super Mario Lush range.

While Lush is yet to announce the range, one teaser image shows off a bath bomb based on the iconic Super Mario question block. However, some Lush leaks on Reddit from earlier in the year now appear true, pointing towards at least six different Super Mario-themed bath bombs, two shower gels, two shower jellies, one body spray, and one soap.

The unveiling of the full release is just around the corner, so be sure to check back for official word on every item that gets announced. But if Nintendo and Lush somehow miss the opportunity to make a bath bob-omb, we’ll be extremely disappointed. If you want to get an early look at the product line, you can sign up for the Lush app and gain access to a sneak preview today.

While we wait for more details on the Super Mario Lush collaboration, you can watch the latest Super Mario Movie trailer below and get excited for the upcoming movie all over again.

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