Rev up your chainsaw for The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ challenge mode


Zombie-bashing fans, get ready as the new The Walking Dead: All-Stars challenge mode adds a fresh layer of difficulty to the mobile collection RPG. On top of this, the update brings limited-time events, original characters, and tools to help with your strategy.

The challenge mode brings a new way for fans to experience The Walking Dead’s universe, featuring three difficulty levels to complete for high-value rewards like class-exclusive special gear and enhancement materials. To find the best builds for your team, you can use the popular ranks system to see what the community is doing to reshape strategies for the game’s toughest encounters.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars features beloved characters from the comic book series as well as its own original cast, and two more survivors are joining the roster in this update. Lang is a trained hunter in the Warlord class and specialises in targeting the enemy’s single strongest member. Blaine and her garden shears are great for following up on damage to ensure your team’s victory.

If you’re a fan of lore, check out the forests near Asyl to get a sneak peek at an upcoming character, Rang, who is joining the roster in a later update. Plus, for even more rewards, there’s a limited-time event running from now until April 3 that offers materials needed to upgrade your characters and collect new ones.

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That’s everything you need to know about The Walking Dead: All-Stars challenge mode. Check out our TWD: All-Stars codes guide for more free stuff and our TWD: All-Stars tier list to see where your favourite character ranks. For more mobile horror fun, check out our guides on the Dead by Daylight killers, Dead by Daylight characters, and Dead by Daylight codes.

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