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Netflix Games, the mobile gaming section of the popular Netflix streaming service, is now one year old. So what’s happened and what’s coming up?

When Netflix Games launched, it did so with a relatively small catalogue that has now grown to encompass all manner of mobile games. From strategy, to action, RPG and RTS, including some exclusive releases such as Desta: The Memories Between. Although Netflix Games has faced difficulty in being recognised by users, Netflix have reiterated their dedication to growing their gaming service.

“This year we’re going to continue building our portfolio – and that means new games every month. Members will discover indie darlings, award-winning hits, RPGs, narrative adventures, puzzle games and everything in between, and we’re working with the world’s leading studios to bring you these games.”

Netflix have also announced that one of their most played titles since the service’s start-up was Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, based on the popular dating show of the same name. Additional announcements made as part of the anniversary included Super Evil Megacorp working on an as-yet untitled exclusive game, and ustwo bringing their Monument Valley Franchise to the platform. Netflix also noted the upcoming release of Terra Nil on March 28th, described as a “reverse city-builder,” and their post-apocalyptic adventure title from publisher Rogue Games, Highwater.

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Betting on Gamesflix

One year on, Netflix Games has overcome much of its early struggles with user engagement. A continuous addition of new titles and some particularly notable exclusives, such as the sequel to critical-hit Valiant Hearts, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, or Ubisoft’s upcoming Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, announced today has helped to build a robust catalogue.

The initial struggle for attention is a problem that the streaming giant has even lamplit themselves. However, they haven’t hesitated to express their dedication to growing the service. At a time when Netflix is cracking down on password sharing and streaming is becoming more competitive than ever, games may be a key way to attract and keep subscribers, especially with an impressive amount of growth already in 2023.

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