Persona 5 The Phantom X release date, story, and more


Another instalment is coming to Atlus’ smash hit Persona series, this time it’s a Persona 5 spin-off mobile game called Persona 5 The Phantom X, or P5X for short. There’s not too many details just yet, but we’ll go through what we know about a worldwide release and the story involved. The game is from by Perfect World Games with involvement from Atlus, and licensing by Sega.

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What’s the story in Persona 5 The Phantom X?

The Phantom X brings us back to Japan with a new gang of friends and a brand new protagonist to play as. The theme of desire is prevalent in this chapter, which leads to the new cast discovering their personas, and their ability to use them.

The protagonist leads a double life in true Persona fashion by attending school during the day (this time at the Kiba Academy) and then patrolling the metaverse at night in search of new personas and enemies to fight. It’s up to you to revert people’s distorted desires and fix the world. Igor and his Velvet Room are back again, this time with an underwater base and a new assistant named Merope, to help you fuse new personas and strengthen the ones you have.

There’s not too many story details just yet, so we’ll keep you updated when we know more!

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Are there new characters in Persona 5 The Phantom X?

So far, we’ve got official introductions to three new characters, but there are plenty more in the trailers. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

First up is the new nameless protagonist, code-named ‘Wonder’. A second-year student at Kiba Academy, his persona awakens as Yanoshik, and from there, his adventure begins. He lives on his own in Zoshigaya, in the suburbs of Tokyo, as his parents are travelling.

Next is Arai Suwa, code-name Closer, a fellow second-year student. She’s a sporty girl, popular at school, and easy-going. Her persona is Awilda, named after a famous female pirate.

There’s another mysterious talking animal that makes an appearance in P5X – this time, it’s Luffy the owl, also known as Cattle. Much like Persona 5’s Mona, he can turn into a delivery van for easy transport in the metaverse and acts as a guide to our protagonist. His persona’s name is Rob Roy, which may reference a historical Scottish outlaw.

Will the Phantom Thieves return in P5X?

We’re not sure how or when, but we have confirmation that the original Phantom Thieves are set to make an appearance in the game. Perhaps we’ll bump into Joker in Mementos, or find Ryuji working a day job somewhere?

Persona 5 the Phantom X velvet room with its attendants

What is the gameplay of Persona 5 The Phantom X like?

P5X’s gameplay appears to mirror that of Persona 5, but with a simplified UI and control scheme for mobile devices. Trailers have shown that there are mini-games coming to P5X, like fishing, part-time jobs, and baseball. There will most likely be a social system akin to the Confidants in Persona 5 Royal and perhaps a romance option with some characters, too.

You can visit favourite shops again, like Iwai’s airsoft shop selling us ‘real’ weaponry, and you can stop into Big Bang Burger for a bite. Iconic locations like Yongen Jaya and Shinjuku feature on the map in P5X too, so you’ll visit many previously introduced places.

While the gameplay trailer doesn’t show how you battle shadows and other enemies, it does show that dungeons are back once again, and they’re stuffed with puzzles and treasure chests.

Persona 5 the Phantom X stadium location

Which platforms will Persona 5 The Phantom X release on?

To begin, Persona 5 The Phantom X releases on Android, iOS, and PC – likely through a client, though which one hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Can I pre-register for Persona 5 The Phantom X?

Yes and no. Testing goes live for successful applicants on March 29, however, you can only use Chinese mobile numbers to fill in the form to register. Before full release, there will likely be a bigger pre-registration program.

You can check out the official site here and take a look at all the fantastic art. Meanwhile, if you need some game recommendations, check out the best chicken games, best ocean games, and best JRPGs on Switch to get going on a new adventure.

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