A mugnificent sequel is brewing in Coffee Talk Episode 2


Coffee Talk Episode 2 is the talk of the town and is almost ready for delivery. Join us as we share our experiences with a preview look at Coffee Talk Episode 2 – Hibiscus and Butterfly. We head back to the Coffee Talk café for another round of rousing conversation and a warming cup of joe.

If this is your first time hearing of Coffee Talk, then not to worry, let us recap. Coffee Talk is a visual novel turned talking simulator, with a sprinkling of drink-brewing minigames in between. It’s set in an alternate world where mystical races live freely, and are overcoming their own societal problems.

Nestled in the stormy streets of Seattle is our café, Coffee Talk. Here we host folks wanting a late-night cuppa and a friend. You are the barista, in charge of the creation and decoration of warming beverages, while lending a listening ear to any problems that your regulars and new customers have.

Now, let’s look at Episode 2 and what it brings to the table. Immediately we’re greeted with familiar menus and loading screens setting the scene for us once more, with the same newspaper giving us the headlines. After that, it’s on to work in the coffee shop.

Coffee Talk episode 2 preview: an introduction screen

The first thing you notice is a brand new drawer option to store important things in, which definitely comes in handy. There’s also some new decoration in the cafe, showing the passage of time since our last beverage brewing bonanza.

The Tomodachill app has had a good update, too, allowing us more interaction with our friends and a look into their lives and how they feel. There’s a stories tab which refreshes daily, where dear characters like Jorji and co can wax lyrical about Seattle’s goings on.

Now, let’s peruse the menu served at our late-night cafe. It’s expanded to include the namesake Hibiscus and Butterfly Pea teas, providing different tastes for different folks that drop by. We have a refreshed latte art screen, and a fancy new finished drink screen showing off our creations in even more glory. Personally, I’m excited to find all the recipes and complete my coffee-dex as soon as I can!

Coffee Talk episode 2 preview: a badly drawn latte art

Episode 2 quickly introduces new characters for our barista to get to know, such as a social media star and a hot-blooded banshee who has their own problems for us to provide consolation for. Riona, the banshee, is an especially interesting character as it’s a new type of folklore brought into the game. The game also reminds us of who our old friends are and what they’ve been up to in a way that feels very natural to the story, so if it’s been a while, you can get caught up with the goings on.

Of course, a relaxing game in a coffee shop isn’t complete without more ambient music, and Coffee Talk 2 serves up a new album of lo-fi, chilled beats for us to enjoy in the background as we converse and create fine drinks.

Coffee Talk episode 2 preview : two customers talking in a cafe

Now, Episode 2 is very similar to the first dose of Coffee Talk. I feel a jolt of deja-brew (get it?) when the menu pops up as it’s exactly the same. There could be some argument for it having been a big DLC or expansion to the original game, but it feels nice to have a closely matching sequel for a change instead of a completely remade game.

All in all, it looks like Coffee Talk Episode 2 is the perfect blend of new and old with friends, warm drinks, and heartfelt chats, and we’re excited to get to know our customers.

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