Get ready to rock with Hearthstone’s Festival of Legends expansion


Blizzard has announced the first expansion to its mobile CCG for 2023 and it’s the Hearthstone Festival of Legends. This expansion, as the name might suggest, is music-themed and sees all of the Hearthstone hero classes taking on an iconic music genre. There’s everything from death metal, to pop, to jazz to enjoy!

As usual, if you log in to Hearthstone right now you can get a free legendary card from the new Festival of Legends expansion, E.T.C., Band Manager. This card gives Hearthstone a brand new remix by adding a sideboard element to deck building, similar to Magic: The Gathering. It lets you assemble a band of three extra cards for your deck and when you play E.T.C from your hand, you can discover one of them.

This expansion also introduces a new music-themed keyword – Finale. Cards with Finale gain an extra effect if playing them at the end of your turn it spends all of your remaining mana. For example, the Ghost Writer card has the Battlecry effect to discover a spell and the Finale effect to discover another. Make sure you plan your turns to end in a big finish!

We’ve only seen a handful of the cards coming to Hearthstone with this expansion, but we do know that every hero class is getting a legendary musician minion and a legendary song spell, introducing you to a whole range of artists from the Warcraft universe.

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The Festival of Legends opens its gates in a couple of weeks, but while you wait you can take part in the Headliner’s Tour event to earn packs and cosmetics for your favourite hero classes and music genres.

That’s everything you need to know about the Hearthstone Festival of Legends. For more card-battling action, check out our Marvel Snap decks and Marvel Snap hot location guides.

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