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If you’re a horror fan, you’ll no doubt already have played Dead by Daylight. As one of the standout games in the wider genre, this asymmetric multiplayer survival experience is one that can’t easily be overlooked, providing countless hours of tense gameplay with friends or online.

After launching in 2016, Dead by Daylight has received endless updates and new characters, boasting a roster absolutely crammed full of the most iconic heroes and villains from film and TV. The game works by splitting you and your teammates into two categories – most of you will be Survivors, and one will be the Killer. Working together, the Survivors must repair generators scattered throughout the map, without getting impaled – or worse – by the Killer.

Dead by Daylight has kept us glued to our screens for years now, but a major new era is about to begin. Enter The Fog and start the chase – Dead by Daylight Mobile is about to get the biggest update you’ve ever seen.

Horror in HD

Although fans will have been able to play Dead by Daylight Mobile before, you really haven’t seen anything yet. This update is more than just a simple patch, instead overhauling the entire game and making way for a new era. This is a whole new game, and there has never been a better time to get stuck in.

Playing a mobile version of a PC or console game can occasionally have downsides, with developers sacrificing quality for portability. Not so with Dead by Daylight Mobile, which replicates the feel of a horror flick come to life, even on the small screen. Hair and clothes will have their own physics, responding and moving within the game world in a more realistic way, while dynamic shading and lighting compliments that at-the-movies feel.

On top of that, every character has had a complete visual overhaul in order to be optimised for mobile, meaning you’ll be able to see every detail on your favourite characters as they’re being dragged off to their death.

Quality of life (after death)

As would be expected with a whole new re-launch, any obvious bugs or issues have been ironed out. The team behind Dead by Daylight Mobile has also introduced a bunch of new features to keep you right in the action from the moment you load up.

This overhaul has been conducted with a community connection in mind, as the backbone of the game’s premise relies on online multiplayer. An impressive list of new community features are working their way into Dead by Daylight Mobile, including a new set of social elements that will allow more communication than ever before. A new pre-game lobby (a long-awaited feature) has been added, allowing Survivors to chat and conspire, while the Killer makes any last-minute changes to the Trial.

There will also be a dedicated chat system, with private and global channels, as well as an extension of the in-game lobby after the Trial has finished. Players can either form teams with their pals, or be matched up in-game with some soon-to-be brothers in arms. A new game mode, Quick Match, will allow you to get a feel for the game without impacting your rank – perfect for practising.

Killer lewks

We all want to slay while we’re slaying, and Dead by Daylight Mobile is about to have some incredible cosmetic choices to customise your favourite franchise characters. Lots of new items will be added in, along with a new Platinum Tier, which allows players to choose from exclusive Memento Mori animations for Killers.

A huge part of the new era is the introduction of The Rift, coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile for the first time ever. This is the name for the game’s season pass, which has been available on PC and console, but never on mobile. Each of these seasons lasts two months, allowing players to stockpile exclusive cosmetics and rewards by progressing in rank. Not only will you see your name in lights on the leaderboard, but you’ll be in line to receive some sweet swag.

Ringing in the changes

One of the first iconic collaborations within the all-new Dead by Daylight Mobile is with Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu, and the movie it inspired: The Ring. Sadako Rising is a new chapter filled with horrifying rewards.

You’ll soon be able to play as The Onryō, ruthless Killer Sadako, who possesses terrible powers that may come in handy when chasing Survivors through the woods. She’s stealthy, able to move with ghostly grace, and can teleport between TV sets on the map. If you’re looking for a stone-cold Killer, you’ll be pleased to have Sadako on your side.

If you’re taking the role of Survivor, the event also introduces Yoichi Asakawa, whose unique perks allow him to heal injured companions, stun Killers, and rally fellow Survivors to move faster to get away from the curse of Sadako. By participating in the event, which runs from March 15-28, you’ll be able to grab exclusive rewards including a Sadako Portrait and one of many Sadako Crossover Torsos.

Pre-Register for Dead by Daylight Mobile today and complete a short list of easy tasks to collect an exclusive Feng Min Outfit and several in-game items.

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