Samsung is ready to lead the mobile gaming market


Samsung is ready to lead the mobile gaming market

“When we launched the S23… our main focus was camera and performance. Today, we just want to focus on performance.” This is one of the first things Won-Joon Choi would say to me. Sounds like Samsung wants to remind mobile game fans of something.

I’m sat inside the Hotel Porta Fira Barcelona drinking water out of a wine glass and waiting to interview Won-Joon Choi, Executive Vice President, Head of Mobile R&D at Samsung. I just got off a flight and definitely look scruffier than I should. But then again, I’m not here to talk business, I’m here to talk gaming, so it’s fine right?

Outside is the Fira Grand Via exhibition centre, right next to a massive roundabout with a cube of billboards in the middle of it. All four are advertising the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, one side showing off a racing game and Samsung’s AirPods competitor, the other the sleek back of the two new phones. It’s cold but sunny, and I’m sweating a little bit.

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