Free Fire Max servers might be shutting down for good


Free Fire Max servers might be shutting down for good

Garena fans may well be looking for a new game to play soon, with the news that the Free Fire Max servers in Brazil are set to cease operations this month. With no confirmation that it’s just the Latin American country waving goodbye to the battle royale title, there’s concern among fans of the series that it might be the end for Free Fire Max.

If you don’t know, Free Fire Max is essentially a souped-up version of Garena’s Free Fire title, with enhanced graphics and playability. Still, due to the popularity of the original version and the fact that not all gamers can run Max on their devices, the latter version has never been quite as popular as the original, though there are sure to be a few disappointed fans.

It’s not certain that the end of Free Fire Max servers in Brazil means the end of support for the game worldwide. It might just be that the upgraded version isn’t as popular in Latin America. Still, there’s no official word from Garena regarding closing down yet, outside of a message to Brazillian players informing them of the end of updates on March 21, 2023.

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