Settlement Survival mobile is a brilliant bite-sized builder


Settlement Survival mobile is a brilliant bite-sized builder

Settlement Survival is, as the name suggests, a survival city-builder where you start a small settlement in the wilderness, then set out to expand and develop, all while meeting the needs and desires of your hard-working settlers. Developed and published by Gleamer Studio, it has seen great success since its arrival on Steam in October 2022, and now the settlers are migrating to mobile. So, how does this mini sim size up to its PC predecessor? Spoiler alert – pretty darn well, actually.

Settlement Survival mobile truly strives to offer all the fun of the full game at a fraction of the cost, and it does deliver. Some of the features and UI are stripped back, with the starting settlement modifiers far more simplified and a lot of details hidden behind drop-down menus to ensure a cleaner layout that doesn’t look too cluttered. Luckily, the lion’s share of details, stats, and more are still there, and once you adapt to the more streamlined layout and get used to where everything is, there’s little to complain about.

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