CD Projekt Red and GOG are ‘playing for Türkiye and Syria’


CD Projekt Red and GOG are ‘playing for Türkiye and Syria’

Gaming is a powerful thing, and not just because of all the monster-mashing, beastie-bashing fun. In a chaotic, divided world, games offer both a form of escapism and a reason for people from all walks of life to come together and enjoy a common interest.

Now, CD Projekt Red and GOG are uniting to harness the power of gaming in a different way. As a part of Global Game Jam and Women In Games’ ongoing efforts to provide aid to those in need, CDPR and GOG are ‘playing for Türkiye and Syria’ in a worldwide charity stream, organised by Global.

The 24-hour stream takes place next week, and you can tune in to see representatives from across the gaming industry livestream to raise money for the victims of the tragic events that took place across Türkiye and Syria in February. With live gameplay and chats with developers and streamers, giveaways, and other exciting activities, along with a guest appearance from Pawel Sasko, Quest Director at CD Projekt Red, it’s shaping up to be a true event to remember.

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