Take a shot in the dark with Viv Vision and Kate Bishop in MCoC


Take a shot in the dark with Viv Vision and Kate Bishop in MCoC

Residents of the Battlerealm, prepare to get acquainted with two super-strong women as Viv Vision and Kate Bishop join Marvel’s Contest of Champions’ hero roster. The superheroines are the newest to join MCoC’s growing roster of next-gen heroes looking to carry on the legacy of their predecessors.

Kate Bishop learnt all she could about archery and martial arts after witnessing Hawkeye’s incredible skills in the Battle of New York. She actually got to meet her hero and even teamed up with him, learning the secret to his signature trick arrows.

Viv Vision is Vision’s synthezoid daughter and the lone survivor of his attempt to manufacture the perfect family for himself. Despite this, she’s a trusted friend and skilled tactician to her allies, and her powers are only just beginning to develop. Her unique combination of computer consciousness and human growth means there’s no telling just how strong she could become.

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