Limbus Company tier list and reroll guide


Limbus Company tier list and reroll guide

Project Moon’s new gacha game Limbus Company is full of dark, wacky, and powerful characters known as sinners and it’s your job as the Executive Manager to command them in your journey through the city and pick the right Identities for them. Our Limbus Company tier list hopefully makes this a little easier as we’ve ranked all of the available Identities and their Egos. We’ll even show you how to perform a Limbus Company reroll if you’re unhappy with your pulls.

Of course, this tier list is subjective and Limbus Company has no competitive meta, so if your favourite is LCB Sinner Faust, who are we to stop you from using them? We’ve got plenty of tier lists for other games for you to check out, like our Alchemy Stars tier list, Honkai Star Rail tier list, Genshin Impact tier list, and Street Fighter: Duel tier list. Or for something completely different, head over to our Adopt Me pets list.

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