WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros joins the Olympic Esports big leagues


WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros joins the Olympic Esports big leagues

Batter up! WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros is making the big leagues, as Konami announces that it’s been appointed as one of the titles for the Olympic Esports Series 2023. This global virtual and simulated sports competition, hosted by the International Olympic Committee in collaboration with the International Federation, sees WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros step up to the plate in the baseball competition, marking a real home run for this bite-sized baseball bonanza.

David Lappartient, chair of the IOC Esports Liaison Group, explains that the Olympic Movement’s goal is to ‘bring people together in peaceful competition’, and that ‘the Olympic Esports Series 2023 is a continuation of that, with the ambition of creating more spaces to play for both players and fans of elite competition’.

In response to the announcement, WBSC executive director Michael Schmidt says ‘we are delighted for baseball to be a part of this new Olympic experience and to again be partnering with one of the world’s leading game publishers, Konami, to deliver a world-class eSports competition for baseball. The WBSC realises the huge potential of eSports for engaging new audiences, and we continue to work tirelessly to develop and innovate in this space. We are ready to bring the very best of virtual baseball to the Olympic Esports Series and the Finals in Singapore through this exciting new IOC event’.

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