Pronty Switch review – a whale of a wetroidvania


Pronty Switch review – a whale of a wetroidvania

What do you get if you cross the Little Mermaid, Bioshock, Hollow Knight, and a touch of Nier Automata? You don’t know? Well then, allow me to tell you. You get Pronty, a spirited Metroidvania from 18Light Game and an underwater alternative to titles like Dead Cells and Rogue Legacy, packed with big bosses, skills to master, and submerged locations with secrets in every corner.

The concept is pretty standard save-the-world stuff, with you playing the role of Pronty, one of the underwater protectorate that keeps the humans who live under the sea safe. You wake up on your first day of training, the day after your birthday, but before you can get to grips with all the techniques you need to know, a terrifying monster fish invades the capital city of Royla, and your real quest begins.

The weapon for your quest is your trusty mechanical swordfish friend Bront, who you can either shoot like a gun or use as a whirring shield around Pronty, dealing damage to any enemy you encounter. It does take some adjusting to get used to this slightly peculiar underwater weapon system, especially when Bront can often get stuck behind parts of the scenery. Still, once you have it down, it’s actually a pretty nifty tool and offers the game some extra originality, something much needed in a game of this genre.

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