Obby Roblox games are making the obstacle course big again


Obby Roblox games are making the obstacle course big again

If you haven’t heard of obby Roblox games, you might be missing out. This growing genre is all over Roblox at the minute, providing an alternative to the anime-inspired titles and children’s cartoons doubling as stalking murderers. Still, I bet you’re asking “what is an Obby game?” The answer is simpler than you think.

Obby Roblox games are essentially obstacle course experiences, though these aren’t the kind you can remember from your school sports day. The genre includes titles like Tower of Hell, The Floor is Lava, and Speed Run 4, each of which turns the classic obstacle course into something beyond all normal proportions. Seriously, if these courses were used for Total Wipeout, I think that human rights lawyers could get involved.

Still, these obby games really are starting to attract large player bases. In just the last week, Towers of Agony – sounds fun, I know – reached 50 million lifetime visits. Tower of Hell makes that number look puny, with its 20 billion lifetime visits. While that’s not quite up there with Blox Fruits and Brookhaven, it certainly isn’t something to be sniffed at.

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