Build your dream life in Utopia No.8, coming to mobile soon


Build your dream life in Utopia No.8, coming to mobile soon

Taiwanese development studio Happy Tomato Entertainment Corporation has unveiled the Utopia No.8 trailer, as well as loads of details about the upcoming social game coming to mobile and PC. The game’s unique and adorable visuals paired with the sheer breadth of activities are getting us excited for a Utopia No.8 release date in the near future.

Happy Tomato developed Utopia No.8 in Unreal Engine 5 and said that the game “aims to provide a cinematic sensory experience from the start”. You play as a human in the distant future who has set off into space to find a new planet to call home amongst the stars. You can create your dream home and the dream version of yourself as Utopia No.8’s character customisation options are detailed and stylish.

As a social game, Utopia No.8 makes use of audio and video chat rooms for players to interact and make friends with people from all around the globe. There are dedicated rooms for singing karaoke, playing board games, or just chilling out and listening to music together.

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