Who needs Call of Duty when you have Roblox game Frontlines


Who needs Call of Duty when you have Roblox game Frontlines

For as long as we can remember, Activision remains the powerhouse of shooters thanks to Call of Duty. Admittedly, it has some competition when it comes to mobile games courtesy of PUBG and Garena Free Fire, but it turns out that a Roblox developer is also a threat. Maximillian released Frontlines on the games platform, and we’re right at the front of the queue to play it.

To be clear, this takes so much influence from Call of Duty and looks so incredible that we’d forgive you for mistaking it as an official CoD title. It’s a first-person shooter that features all of the fun content you expect from the genre, with brilliantly crafted maps, fun game modes, and a vast array of weaponry on offer.

Oh, and there’s even a kill cam. Yes, you can see who takes you out in battle, it’s a small thing, but many FPS fans love it, so the fact it’s in a free Roblox game is amazing. Yes, you read that right, this fun CoD-like game is free, and it features familiar match types such as domination in which you spawn in and join a team to capture and hold points, as well as the standard team deathmatch.

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