Mario Kart Tour set to turn back time with the Mario Tour


Mario Kart Tour set to turn back time with the Mario Tour

There’s a time-turning event coming to Nintendo’s mobile kart racer, with the Mario Kart Tour Mario Tour set to kick off soon. With the nostalgic vibes dialled up to 11, this second showing for the Mario Tour, the first back in 2021, offers a DS classic track, a speedy Koopa racer, and some 8-bit gliders to boot.

The Mario Tour featured racer is one of Mario Odyssey’s roving racers Koopas, who can already achieve pretty high speed without the need for a kart. You can face off against the speedy turtle on the new DS Mario Circuit track, provided you can dodge the goombas that litter the lanes.

The biggest throwback offering from the Mario Tour is the selection of 8-bit gliders, including a Goomba design and retro alternatives on the super glider and gold glider designs. Of course, the old-school Mario Kart games don’t have gliders, with wheels planted firmly on the ground in the SNES era, but we’ll take some cool-looking gear without thinking about it too much.

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