Life is Strange forces you to feel with licensed music


Life is Strange forces you to feel with licensed music

If there’s one question that developers are bound to ask themselves when creating a game, it’s ‘do we go for an original score or licence some songs?’ And while both options certainly have their merit, I’m a licensed song kinda gal. While all music can make an impact, there’s just something about the correct existing song that heightens the experience.

Yes, I can totally see why some prefer original music. It’s nice to hear something new that the sound team designs explicitly for a game. However, I do think there’s something to say about games that utilise licensed songs, especially as I have to admit that there are times when they make no sense and are simply present for the sake of it. We all remember those country tunes from WWE 2K15… a wrestling game with country music? Can’t help but wonder if the devs found themselves trapped in an ankle lock or something.

But there are games such as Life is Strange that demonstrate just how good licensed songs in a game are, and I can’t help but draw attention to the series and the music you can hear within. Not only do they feature songs from known artists, but they have a purpose. Don’t Nod and Deck Nine use them to great effect. I’m going to save the most impactful moment for the end of this feature, and I’m sure most Life is Strange fans can likely guess the song and the moment in which it occurs.

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