Konami’s mobile game eFootball scores 600 million downloads


Konami’s mobile game eFootball scores 600 million downloads

He shoots, he scores! Konami’s eFootball has hit 600 million downloads worldwide, an impressive feat that goes to show just how popular football mobile games continue to be. Naturally, a milestone such as this needs a celebration, and that’s why Konami has some events lined up for the eFootball series.

For starters, a new Show time card theme is now available in-game, and for those who log in while it’s active, you can pick up Show Time Neymar Jr. Better still, signing in every day secures you up to 280 eFootball coins, and we all know how important those are to get the players you want.

You can also get rewards if you score a goal with Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi. Between March 2 and March 16, you can get eFootball coins, game points, and 10,000 XP if you score with Neymar, while you can get the same goodies with Messi between March 16 and March 30.

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