Fallout deserves a place on the Nintendo Switch


Fallout deserves a place on the Nintendo Switch

Fallout is renowned for its open world, strategic gunplay, and dialogue system that pushes how we communicate with NPCs, raising the level of interaction with relationships we could only wish for in real life. The end of the world is a grim subject so anything that puts a lighthearted spin on the topic with a mix of adventure is certainly interesting, so crank some swing music and grab your bottle caps because we definitely need a Fallout Switch port.

The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout is yet to grace a single Nintendo console, let alone the Switch, but we do have a Switch port of the Bethesda powerhouse game that is Skyrim and a recent agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo that promises to bring more games to the platform. So there’s some hope for all you Americana music-loving, post-apocalypse wasteland-exploring, weapon modifying to the point of overkill, enthusiasts.


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