Why the big brands are turning to Roblox games to reach out to Gen Z


Why the big brands are turning to Roblox games to reach out to Gen Z

Tell me, what do Vans, Sunsilk, Hello Kitty, and Spotify have in common? Can’t get it? Well, all of those brands, as well as countless others, have embraced Roblox games as a way of promoting products and IPs to the millions using the platform. But why have so many companies flocked to Roblox?

The answer is pretty obvious, it’s where the kids are at. With the move from network TV to streaming, and other means of advertising struggling to reach the numbers they once did, brands are looking to see what Gen Z most engages with in an attempt to bring products and product awareness to a new generation. There are plenty of other examples of how the changing shape of media is influencing the change in tack when it comes to advertising and brand awareness, but nothing proves it better than the embrace of Roblox experiences.

It seems that fashion brands are particularly aware of the interest in having representation in the digital space, with Gucci, Nike, and Pansun all accounted for on the platform. A 2022 survey from Roblox and the Parsons School of Design found that three in four of the 1,000 surveyed answered that they would be willing to spend real money on fashion in a Roblox title, while one in four answered that they’ve already spent somewhere in the region of £20-100 on a single piece of in-game clothing. This shows us that it’s not just advertising Roblox is useful for, but selling new products in innovative ways too.

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