Poco X5 5G or Poco X5 5G Pro? Doesn’t matter, both are great!


Poco X5 5G or Poco X5 5G Pro? Doesn’t matter, both are great!

Billions of people worldwide own a mobile phone, and in this day and age, it’s pretty essential too. However, when you look at brands such as Apple and Samsung, the prices of a smartphone may make your eyes water and reduce your bank account to tears. Some devices fetch more than £1,000/$1,000 should you buy it outright, and with how pricey phone contracts can get, some people prefer to fully own their phone to get a bargain on a sim-only plan.

It just so happens that I’m one such person, the cost of living continues to rise, and the lifespan of technology continues to dwindle. Full disclosure, I’m an iPhone user. I currently use the iPhone 13 after spending almost two years with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Both devices are powerhouses and are very reliable smartphones. However, there are more companies out there, and they’re ready and willing to bring great tech to you at a very reasonable price.

I’m fortunate enough to currently have the Poco X5 5G and Poco X5 Pro 5G, the latest models on offer from Poco, a company that we at Pocket Tactics love. Seriously, just take a look at our Poco F4 GT review and Poco X4 Pro 5G review. One look at those tells you that Poco is a reliable manufacturer that continues to bring luxurious products to consumers at bargain prices.

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