MWC 2023: the foldables fight Samsung for supremacy


MWC 2023: the foldables fight Samsung for supremacy

When we think of foldable phones, Samsung is normally considered the leader. The company has pushed the technology for consumers to a point where it’s more affordable and usable. However, the competition is heating up.

On the ground at MWC 2023, we got our hands on all the latest foldables from Oppo, Tecno, and Honor, as well as Xiaomi’s ultra-thin Mix Fold 2 and Samsung’s tried and true offerings. And it looks like the competition is fierce.

So, we’re here to round up all of them – and try and work out if there is any tangible difference. If you need a catch-up, check out our Honor Magic 5 + Magic Vs launch coverage, our Tecno Phantom V Fold coverage, or the latest wacky Motorola rollable screens that may only be a concept, but sure look like fun.

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