Marvel Snap’s Kang really has got a grasp on infinity


Marvel Snap’s Kang really has got a grasp on infinity

The latest comic book character to join Second Dinner’s superhero card game, Marvel Snap’s Kang the Conqueror, is taking his multiversal madness to new extremes by holding players hostage. Not properly hostage, of course, this isn’t a kid’s TV situation where the cards come to life, but instead, Kang can work together with Arnim Zola to make it so your opponent has no option to retreat, leaving you with a very helpless feeling.

Kang’s effect is powerful enough on its own, forcing you and your opponent to replay the turn he arrives on the board, but the combo found by Twitter user BraudeSnap takes things to the next level. It’s a pretty complicated method, though. You need a Cosmo on the board, with Iron First, Kang, and Arnim Zola in hand. First, you play the Iron First on either of the lanes absent of Cosmo, then you need to play Kang into the Cosmo with an empty lane for Kang to bounce into. Kang’s on-reveal effect won’t take place that turn, and you can follow up on turn six with an Arnim Zola on Kang to keep repeating the round until your opponent finds an unlikely counter or quits.

We should say, like many of the YouTube content creators who have already tried this combo out, we really don’t recommend playing this tactic on the ladder. While the current Kang problem isn’t exactly what we would describe as a bug, it is something we can’t imagine Second Dinner sitting on. Besides, it’s just bad gamesmanship, and nobody wants to see that.

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