Take on a grizzly goliath in upcoming mobile game Call of Dragons


Take on a grizzly goliath in upcoming mobile game Call of Dragons

Legou Games and Farlight Games, known for the hit gacha RPG Dislyte, are teaming up to bring you Call of Dragons, a brand new MMOSLG (or massively multiplayer online simulated life game, for the uninitiated). Coming to iOS, Android, and PC this spring, Call of Dragons sees you dominate the battlefield and conquer the Land of Tamaris with a bunch of beastly behemoths in tow.

As we approach the Call of Dragons release date, Farlight Games invites all you future dragon masters to pre-register for your platform of choice and secure a bounty of exclusive bonuses to enjoy in the game’s full launch. You can also sign up for the PC technical test to try your hand at taming those beasts early.

And that’s not all – in the brand new Call of Dragons trailer, we get a glimpse at the beastly Giant Bear behemoth we’ll be taking on. You need to utilise all of the skills you obtain and tame wild beasts to fight at your side if you wanna take this grizzly goliath down, but it’s well worth it, as capturing the Giant Bear and other wild Behemoths nets you plenty of bonuses to aspects such as research, construction, and gathering – as well as the ability to call on them in battle.

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