Mobile game The Walking Dead: All-Stars gets fresh meat


Mobile game The Walking Dead: All-Stars gets fresh meat

It’s time for another The Walking Dead: All-stars update, and this time, as ever, you can expect new survivors to show up in the mobile game. Besides the influx of characters, Funflow is introducing new benefits, various in-game events, and the next chapter of the main story.

The first of the new characters is Stalker Whisperer, and he’s a welcome sight for those of you that need a tank. Better still, he has an ability that enables him to damage all enemies at once. As for the second survivor, William has numerous skills that make him a perfect fit for frontline combat, so we suggest you consider him when the time comes to face the hordes.

As for the next story chapter, it takes you to an airport, introduces a survival record story dubbed Heaven and Hell, and presents a whole heap of drama surrounding the Asyl camp. To prepare yourself, it might be wise to head into Kyla’s Combat Test and the Underground Bunker in search of other players to battle. Victory secures you tokens for high-ranking characters. Though they’re only available until March 4.

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