Copycat Roblox games are on the rise


Copycat Roblox games are on the rise

Copycat Roblox games continue gaining popularity on the popular gaming platform, with new imitations popping up every week. In just the last few days, Roblox games Hello Neighbour 2 and Garena Free Fire Max – both strange copies of the games that already exist – have broken 10 million and 25 million visits milestones respectively, with plenty of other examples across the platform.

Of course, the problem is most noticeable with Roblox anime games. The most popular title on the platform, Blox Fruits, is a copy of ideas from One Piece games, with its success spawning even more copycats. Now we have Blox Piece, King Legacy, One Piece Bursting Rage, and countless other versions of the same thing. The same goes for other anime, with the influence of the genre prevalent across much of the most played Roblox.

Still, lending an IP is a completely different thing from lifting the mechanics of a game and placing them in a Roblox title. That approach seems to be the new developing trend, with the platform seemingly taking no action to step in and put a stop to things before the lawyers step in

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