Players worry that Roblox games events could be ending


Players worry that Roblox games events could be ending

Many Roblox games fans and content creators took to the internet on February 18 to express their confusion as Roblox’s events tab has been removed. The feature was a staple of the Roblox community and had been in the game since early in the game’s history. 

The news was shared on Twitter by YouTuber KreekCraft, who shared a screenshot of the Roblox homepage showing where the events tab used to be. He said, “There are now zero references to events on Roblox. It’s over. We lost.”

This was followed by a reply from Asimo, the developer of Roblox game Jailbreak, saying that the events tab will be replaced by a new event page that will feature both sponsored Roblox events and developer events that you can sort through with a filter. Asimo does not work for Roblox but according to RTC he is known to have direct connections with the Roblox team, making him a fairly reliable source.

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