Whitethorn Games winter showcase delivers an avalanche of indies


Whitethorn Games winter showcase delivers an avalanche of indies

This year’s Whitethorn Games winter showcase has delivered plenty of reveals, including new games, release dates, and other exciting snippets. The publisher is held in high regard for its lovely titles, such as Calico, Lake, and Wytchwood, and is set to add some more adorable games to its catalogue in the coming months. That’s the sort of news to really warm you up as we wait for Spring.

The Whitethorn Games winter showcase revealed three exciting titles, giving us plenty to look forward to. First up is the cooking adventure Magical Delicacy for Switch, teased as a sort of Cooking Mama-vania with food preparation and exploration gameplay. Then there’s mobile game SkateFish, another wild crossover that tasks you with pulling off killer tricks to impress the local aquatic life. Last but not least is Kernal Hearts from Ephemera Games. This last one has a bit less detail at the minute, and we’re not sure what platform it’s coming to, but the cryptic message “sign up to slay God” on the official Kernal Hearts site has our minds racing.

There’s good news for puzzle fans too, with a Switch release window of 2023 set for Japanese alphabet-inspired puzzler Kana Quest. Better still, the release date trailer confirms there’s a dog to pet, so I’m going to be picking this one up for sure. The showcase also gave us new trailers for fellow Nintendo Switch 2023 arrivals, including plant-filled puzzler Botany Manor, Castaway-inspired god sim Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island, and a voice cast reveal for the upcoming in-house developed epic RPG Whalefall. What a lucky lot we are.

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