Mobile game Space Love looks like Galaga meets Frogger


Mobile game Space Love looks like Galaga meets Frogger

Japanese pixel-perfect indie developer Tanisu Games has released its latest title, Space Love, a quest across the galaxy to find your star-crossed lover. The developer has given us some delightful retro-style games before, like the horror game Kimodameshi and the dark fantasy The Sword of Tanis, but it’s the first time that it’s taken us out into the depths of space.

The mechanics of Space Love have you making your way around a space maze, dodging aliens as you attempt to reunite with your abducted partner. It both looks and plays like something that could have come out on the SNES, or even the NES, with crudely illustrated aliens at every turn to eject you from the maze.

With just a few levels to master and unlimited tries thanks to no limit on lives holding you back, Space Love might be the perfect time-killer for any retro game lovers looking for something new that feels old. Better still, it’s a free-to-play game, so if you can cope with some adverts, then you’re ready to jet off into the expanse of the galaxy whenever you feel like it.

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