Hogwarts Legacy review – a magical world wrought with tedium


Hogwarts Legacy review – a magical world wrought with tedium

As a little girl, I couldn’t help but dream of an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the same as a lot of kids I’m sure. Of course, I had to grow up at some point and face the reality that there’s no such thing as magic (you’re right, Uncle Vernon, I hope you’re happy!), but this year, I finally get to be the student I long to be, my dreams are now a reality thanks to Hogwarts Legacy.

Since its initial announcement back in September 2020 at a State of Play, I just knew this is a must-play for me. The chance to finally walk the halls of that famous school for witchcraft and wizardry? Sign me up. Of course, there’s one odd stipulation that’s practically unheard of in this wizarding world, and that’s that we start our school journey here as a fifth-year student.

This instantly caught my attention, as what reason could there possibly be that my magic doesn’t come to fruition until a few years after other prospective students? Of course, this point of intrigue plays a role in the story. Mind you. If it weren’t, this plot point would be very disconcerting and leave me with many questions.

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