SteamWorld Build is set to mine deep into our free time


SteamWorld Build is set to mine deep into our free time

It’s rare to see an IP so diverse and yet so consistent. The SteamWorld library of games can dig up gold from just about anywhere, and manage to mine some pretty diverse genres along the way. On top of the huge indie smash SteamWorld Dig, players love SteamWorld Heist, SteamWorld Quest, and SteamWorld Dig 2 – a sequel that improves upon the original in almost every way.

Safe to say, expectations are high for whatever the franchise does, and after the recent unveiling of SteamWorld Build, it looks like the series is ready to mine gold from yet another genre. This time, developer The Station takes the reins from Image & Form, delivering a title that’s part city-management ala SimCity, and part mining simulator, that the team describe as “Anno meets Dungeon Keeper”, as SteamWorld Builds heads to consoles and PC in 2023.

Ahead of publisher, Thunderful, unveiling the title at the SteamWorld Telegraph: Special Broadcast, we got to experience the first few hours of the game, and in our SteamWorld Build preview, the potential already shines through like glistening chunks of diamond in a mine shaft. The usual polish, humour, and charm of the SteamWorld IP are present in every corner, and as a huge fan of the city-builder genre, I’m thrilled to see both developer The Station and the SteamWorld IP explore a style of game I love so much.

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