Dragon Quest battle royale is a surprise to almost everyone


Dragon Quest battle royale is a surprise to almost everyone

Why are they making a Dragon Quest battle royale? Well, that’s the question lots of people are asking now we’ve had a look at Dragon Quest Champions, a new mobile game coming to iOS and Android in the near future – Japan-only for now, however.

Two things seem to have confused most people. One: why is Square Enix trying this again after Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier’s end of service recently? And two: why are they making a turn-based battle royale? Well, for the latter, I guess it’s nice there’s something different coming to the genre. And, for the former, well… Square Enix just loves making a whole load of videogames, it seems.

Still, those above explanations don’t stop it from being a little bit odd. The phrase ‘Dragon Quest battle royale’ sounds pretty strange to me, far stranger than the idea of a Final Fantasy battle royale. Then again, the series is massive in Japan, and if anything can break Square’s mobile game woes, DQ could do it.

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