New Marvel Snap infinite rank reward gives Zabu a golden manicure


New Marvel Snap infinite rank reward gives Zabu a golden manicure

Despite those who make Marvel Snap infinite rank already receiving a pretty special reward in the ‘Really, Really Dirty’ title, there’s another prize coming for those in the top rank, and it sees the star of the Savage Land season looking all shiny and new. Turns out there was golden nail polish in the prehistoric era, apparently.

The new Marvel Snap infinite rank reward is a special savage land cardback, with the design copying from the one you can pick up at level 25 of the season pass, but with a shiny golden outlay, as well as Zabu’s nails getting a coat of gold too. Admittedly, it looks pretty badass, but it’s a long slog to infinite to get the prize.

Of course, if you can’t make it to infinite, there are plenty of rewards to pick up for making it to other high ranks. If you want a shiny cardback though, your best bet is to power through this season, take the two rank drop going into the next, and hope that this new high-end cardback prize becomes the norm, so you can pick one up next time around. Unless you’re feeling dangerous, in which case, pick out one of the sets from our Marvel Snap decks guide and spend the next two weeks grinding to infinite.

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