Kayleigh’s hot take: Wahoo! single-player Mario is pretty boring


Kayleigh’s hot take: Wahoo! single-player Mario is pretty boring

Note: The Pocket Tactics team at large would like to disagree with Kayleigh on this hot take.

Ah, Mario. One of the most iconic videogame mascots to grace the planet. The Italian plumber is Nintendo’s pride and joy, and has been since his inception in the 1980s. When you put it that way, he’s basically from the dinosaur age when it comes to games, and that shows. Yes, I’m about to say it. Mario is boring. It’s best to leave him to the wayside, where he can decay into bones for an archaeologist to discover in years to come.

That may sound harsh, but I have receipts to support my theory that single-player Mario experiences aren’t fun, offer little in the way of innovation, and are nothing more than filler for a company that has plenty of IPs that are adventurous, entertaining, and full of characters that have personality. All Mario does is eat some shrooms, shout ‘wahoo’, and chase after a princess that gets kidnapped so many times, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something more between herself and Bowser.

There are many platformers out there that have more substance than single-player Mario games. In fact, let’s just dive right in and look at the competition before we dissect the main man himself. Crash Bandicoot is the platform mascot of the early PlayStation days and remains a prominent figure today, while Sonic continues to be Sega’s guiding light. Though the latter does admittedly have a bit of a bumpy history.

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