Archeland release date speculation, trailer, and more


Archeland release date speculation, trailer, and more

From the developer of Zlongame’s hit Langrisser, Archeland is a fresh, innovative, turn-based strategy gacha RPG that has taken the world by storm since its South Korean debut. With such a high level of polish, stunning 3D cinematics, and flashy battle mechanics, many of us are eagerly awaiting news of a global Archeland release date. So let’s take a look at what we know so far, and take a peek at the action in the stunning Archeland trailers.

Archeland isn’t the only epic gacha game on the horizon in 2023 – there are plenty of other titles to tantalise you, too. Check out our Valiant Force 2 release date, Aether Gazer release date, Argent Twilight release date, Crystal of Atlan release date, and Higan: Eruthyll release date guides to get a couple more gems on your radar.

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