A new Nintendo patent hints at a Nintendogs mobile game


A new Nintendo patent hints at a Nintendogs mobile game

Dog lovers, it could be time to grab your virtual treats and get ready to sling a pixelated frisbee, as a recently unearthed Nintendo patent hints that Nintendo is looking into the idea of a Nintendogs mobile game. Thanks to My Nintendo News for the find, the patent reveals a mobile title that features a virtual dog, presented in a real living room with AR technology.

The Nintendogs brand has been lying dormant since the release of Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS over a decade ago in 2011, and as the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have either a camera or a microphone that the series so often uses, many fans are calling for the series to come to mobile to revive the pet simulation titan. Using AR technology to project the dogs into your living room feels like a perfect fit. Meanwhile, walking them could be a breeze using the same geolocation technology that helps Pokémon Go players hatch eggs.

There’s such a demand for Nintendogs on mobile, even Paris Hilton tweeted her support for the idea, with the socialite sharing a message in 2018 saying, “we need to get Nintendo Dogs as an app on the App Store!” While the patent only suggests that Nintendo is at least researching the idea, we hope this doggy dream comes true. Nintendo appears to be winding down its mobile endeavours, but this is one franchise that feels like it makes perfect sense. We even have an article on exactly why Nintendo shouldn’t give up on mobile yet, and the different IPs that could still work on the platform.

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