Summon some goodies from the new Summoners War merch line


Summon some goodies from the new Summoners War merch line

Today, summoners around the world have reason to rejoice, as you can finally bring a piece of your favourite fantasy RPG into the real world. With the global grand opening of the Com2uS store, Summoners War merch is now available in a whopping 150 countries worldwide, featuring a range of glorious goodies, from new debuts to much-coveted favourites that were previously only available at limited, in-person events.

Whether you’re coveting a cute cushion, a fabulous figure, some handy homeware, or awesome apparel to show off your status as a dedicated summoner, there are plenty of tantalising treasure to trawl through. Our personal faves have to be the adorable Angelmon Wireless Charger, the stunning matching figures of Shaina and Maruna, and the sleepy occult girl figure, if we had to pick a few.

To sweeten the deal, the Com2uS store grand opening celebration offers a variety of discounts to take the sting out of stocking up on all those great goodies, with 30% off shipping fees for overseas customers, a 10% discount if you subscribe to the site newsletter, and more. Plus, the first 1,000 customers to purchase something from the store win a limited edition character decoration sticker set.

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