FFVII Sephiroth – can’t he just die already?


FFVII Sephiroth – can’t he just die already?

Sometimes it’s not the leading man who draws you in. Sometimes you find yourself falling to the dark side. While Cloud Strife is a worthy protagonist and rightly one of the most popular in the Final Fantasy franchise, it would be fair to say that Final Fantasy VII’s main antagonist, Sephiroth, is quite popular too. He might just be one of the most famous villains in the history of video games.

If you find yourself drawn to Final Fantasy VII like many others, you might want to check out our FFVII Sephiroth guide to learn all you need to know about Cloud’s foe. Including details about his boss fights and how you can overcome this formidable swordsman. Once upon a time, much like the protagonist, Final Fantasy 7’s Sephiroth was a SOLDIER and hailed as one of the most successful beings to come from the programme – at least until he began hating everyone and everything.

Should you be on a long and arduous journey that ends with facing Sephiroth, you might want to check out our FFVII Aerith, FFVII Tifa, and FFVII Cloud guides to equip your heroes with the means of surviving against dwindling odds. Or, if you’d like to go on a different adventure in Final Fantasy X, go and check out our FFX Lulu guide to learn how to equip her for battle, unless you play Final Fantasy X for the riveting experience that is blitzball. No, we didn’t write that with a straight face.

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