A Space for the Unbound review – a supernatural slice of life


A Space for the Unbound review – a supernatural slice of life

A Space for the Unbound has been on my radar for a while, and the name may already be familiar to you: the prologue chapter has been available since 2020, but now you’re able to experience the fully formed offering.

Set in a suburban Indonesian town on the cusp of summer, A Space for the Unbound follows two high school sweethearts, Atma and Raya, as they overcome obstacles on their way to the movies. Billed as a ‘heartwarming slice-of-life adventure’, the game lives up to that and beyond, while mixing in some unexpected, mysterious elements like supernatural powers and emotional cliffhangers.

A Space for the Unbound’s story is intriguing, involving magical abilities mixed into the emotional themes. You first meet Atma and a young girl who is trying to clear her writer’s block. She introduces Atma to the ‘Spacedive’ mechanic, this lets him delve into people’s memories and help to fix a problem that’s holding them back. This, in turn, solves an issue in the real world and allows Atma to continue on in his adventure.

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