Roblox engagement hours are up despite falling revenue


Roblox engagement hours are up despite falling revenue

Despite the news that Roblox revenue is down as we start off 2023, there’s some good news for the company. According to metrics put out by the company, and originally reported by, Roblox engagement hours are up by a solid 21% year-on-year from December 2021.

All of this comes as Roblox stock value continues to struggle as it enters its second full year on the stock market, with shares originally made available on March 10, 2021. There has been a pretty significant drop in prices since then, as we reported in a recent article on Roblox revenue, but the numbers out of paint a slightly less dire scene than the information we had in early January, with revenue down only somewhere between 1-6%, a good chunk less than many were anticipating.

There’s more good news in the latest report too, with the data suggesting the daily Roblox player count saw an unexpected boost in December to end 2023 with a year-on-year growth of 18%. Still, these numbers tell a slightly different tale if you look at the information from, which shows that December’s monthly users for 2022 don’t reach the dizzying heights of some of the months earlier in the year that saw over 220 million using the platform monthly.

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