Aether Gazer tier list and reroll guide (January 2023)


Aether Gazer tier list and reroll guide (January 2023)

Currently only available through its CN version, Aether Gazer is an exciting mobile gacha RPG awaiting its global release. Full of kickass combat, enthralling environments, and a cast of colourful characters, we’re super pumped to dive into the world of Gaea – but, as with any gacha game, it’s gonna be tough to pick who’s worthy of your team, which is where our Aether Gazer tier list comes in.

So, if you want to prepare for the upcoming Aether Gazer release date, read on and keep an eye out for those top S-rank characters, and make a note of how to perform an Aether Gazer reroll if you don’t get the warriors you want. Or, if you’re on the hunt for some more fresh gacha games to look forward to, keep an eye on our Ex Astris release date, Project Snow release date, Under Oath release date, and Higan: Eruthyll release date guides.

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