Genshin’s ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’ video has players reminiscing


Genshin’s ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’ video has players reminiscing

Genshin Impact’s ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’ video retrospective was posted yesterday, marking the end of the event, and fans across the internet are feeling emotional. The video showcased Genshin’s first ever in-person art exhibit which took place at the beginning of January.

Held in Galerie Joseph in Paris, France, the ‘Endless Adventures in Teyvat’, or ‘Aventure Sans Fin En Teyvat’, ran from January 3 to 10, and featured a miniature recreation of the four unlocked regions so far, concept arts, fan art, and a soundtrack listening station.

The retrospective video shows fans from all over queueing to see the exhibition, many of them cosplaying their favourite characters from the game. The video ends with the heartfelt message: “Wherever you go, whatever life throws at you, in Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you.”

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